A Alegoria da Caverna (An Allegory of the Cave)

Learn more about this theatre project promoting the recognition and appreciation of deaf artists, based on the development of a performance language that combines sign language and the spoken word.
05 Apr 2023 3 min

An Allegory of the Cave is a theatre project involving the deaf community, aimed at developing new performance grammars to encourage the creation of more inclusive and diverse artistic languages.

It culminated in late 2022 with a performance for the general public, where both the deaf and the hearing had equal access and could enjoy the performance in the same way.

Implemented in the area of Lisbon, the project also dignified and recognised deaf artists, giving them equal access to artistic training, and sowed the seeds for the creation of a theatre group with deaf performers for professionalisation and to find its social and cultural space.

An Allegory of the Cave was one of the 16 projects supported in the 1st edition of the PARTIS & Art for Change initiative.

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