The Art and Science of Travelling

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Alaa Abi Haidar

According to scientists, we have been traveling for 13.8 billion years as atoms and vibrations since the formation of the universe. To Eastern Philosophers, we have been traveling from one life to another. At a different space-temporal scale, we are traveling as we meditate, read, eat, listen to music or even enjoy a sip of coffee… With the invaluable contribution of several artists, scientists, humanists and spiritual leaders, this film opens a door to a plethora of travelling techniques and perspectives, with the body, the mind and the spirit. From land, sea, and sky to cosmic travels, this episodic docu-fiction feature-film questions identity and the meaning of life in a vision quest of ten oneiric chapters.

Alaa (or Al) is a Paris-based data scientist. He did his PhD in Complex Systems at Indiana University while interning at the Gulbenkian Science Institute (IGC). Then, he did his postdoc at the University of Pierre and Marie Curie. However, science alone was unable to answer his quest(ions). Photography and chronophotography (filmmaking) offered new perspectives. Al uses arts and science hand-in-hand in order to capture and translate beauty and do his muse, nature, justice!

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