A minha história não é igual à tua

Isto é PARTIS & Art for Change 2023

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Auditorium 3 Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation
Video projection of the show "A minha história não é igual à tua" [My story is not the same as yours], presented at the Gulbenkian in 2022 with a group of inmates from the Linhó Prison, as part of the CORPOEMCADEIA project.

“A minha história não é igual à tua” [My story is not the same as yours] is a show created under the CORPOEMCADEIA project, developed by Companhia Olga Roriz with a group of inmates from the Linhó Prison and supported by the Gulbenkian Foundation’s PARTIS initiative since 2019. 

The show was presented in the Foundation’s Grand Auditorium in July 2022, and the video made on the day will be shown at the Isto é PARTIS & Art for Change 2023 event.

Duration 60 min.
Image © Susana Paiva

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Video and editing

Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation


Ana Cordeiro


Anabela Salvador 

“A minha história não é igual à tua”


Olga Roriz


Fábio Tavares
Jackson Teixeira
Jeferson Silva
Juvelino Moreira
Manuel Antunes
Nelson Varela
Paulo Barbosa
Rui Tiquina
Wilson Ribeiro

Music selection

Olga Roriz
João Rapozo


Olga Roriz

Lighting design

Cristina Piedade

Soundtrack editing

João Rapozo

Assistant Director

Catarina Câmara

Rehearsal Assistant

Andreia Marinho

Sound editing and operation


Manager and producer

Magda Bull


António Quadros Ferro

Production Assistant

Ricardo Domingos


Companhia Olga Roriz

In partnership with

Direção-Geral de Reinserção e Serviços Prisionais/ Linhó Prison

Supported by

An initiative by

The Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation reserves the right to collect and keep records of images, sounds and voice for the diffusion and preservation of the memory of its cultural and artistic activity. For further information, please contact us through the Information Request form.

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