Bala Funk by Smaïl Kanouté

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With an original poem by Severo dos Santos, the two dancers travel through the favela, dancing ‘passinho’.

In this short dance video, Smail Kanouté – choreographer and dancer – and Severo dos Santos – ‘passinho’ dancer, poet and funk dance beatmaker – pay homage to the victims of a massacre that took place on 6 May in the favela of Jacarezinho in Rio de Janeiro during a funk dance.

Image: Still do vídeo Bala Funk © Thiago Pozes



William Severo Dos Santos and Smaïl Kanouté
Smaïl Kanouté – Director
Lorella Disez – Body Painter 
Julien Villa – Music
William Severo Dos Santos – Voiceover
Smaïl Kanouté – Scenario
Thiago Pozes – Photography direction
Romain Cieutat – Editor and colorist
Diego Ximenes – Booth Photographer
Companhia Vivons! – Production 

Agradecimentos especiais

Marcel Gonçalves / CABRON, Marcelo Ment, Vincent Rimbaud, Aston Bonaparte, Paul Lajus, Cécile Pouységur and the residents of the Santo Amaro favela in Rio de Janeiro.

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