“A name for what I am”

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Screening of the film about the book "As mulheres do meu país" by Maria Lamas, which reflects on the material and form of the book and the readings and meanings it can bring today.

Between 1947 and 1949, the writer Maria Lamas travelled the country to discover the reality in which Portuguese women lived. The result of this journey was the book ” As mulheres do meu país “. More than 70 years on, director Marta Pessoa and writer Susana Moreira Marques are trying to understand what this book is and what it can tell us today.

A name for what I am is a film about a book and the movement it makes in us when we read it.

At the February 21st session, the film will be followed by a talk about Maria Lamas and the book “As mulheres do meu país” with Jorge Calado – curator, Marta Pessoa – director and Susana Moreira Marques – screenwriter.

A name for what I am is a film about the book " As mulheres do meu país". But what do you film when you film a book?

Seventy years after its publication, Marta Pessoa asked Susana Moreira Marques, a journalist and writer in Portugal in the 1920s, to join her in reflecting on the very material and form of the book and the readings and meanings it can bring today.

In 1947-1949, Maria Lamas was someone who got involved in the history of the women she met, who reported on their reality, who gave her opinion, who questioned, who confronted, who wanted to go deeper. Someone who was sometimes saddened and almost always revolted.

In 2021, in front of the camera, Susana Moreira Marques tries to put herself in Maria Lamas' position and look at the place women occupied before and today. A writer looks at another writer. A woman and another woman. More than seventy years separate them. The book is the same, in all its excess.

What this documentary proposes, as a filmic gesture, is a dialogue, a game of looks. There is Maria Lamas' gaze on the women, the writer's gaze on Maria Lamas and the book, and the gaze of the director (of the film) who is involved in and simultaneously observes this whole process. There are images and words, from before and today.


A name for what I am
2022, Portugal, Documentary, Colour, 116’

Direction and image

Marta Pessoa

Text and storytelling

Susana Moreira Marques

Sound and editing

Rita Palma

Sound assembly and mixing

Miguel Lima

Colour correction

Aurélio Vasques


Rita Palma
Marta Pessoa
João Pinto Nogueira


Três Vinténs

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