Fly Facility

The Fly Facility hosts thousands of mutant lines available for research purposes. The Facility is composed of a preparation room, procedure and behaviours labs, walk-in chambers, BSL-1 and a BSL-2 rooms. A quarantine is set outside the Facility. The Facility is open to external researchers.

Location: Main building
Contacts: @: [email protected]



Fly working stations
Controlled-temperature incubators
Controlled-temperature and humidity walkin-in chambers
Industrial kettle


The Fly Facility can provide standard fly food, development of new recepies and prodution of specific media for individual experiments in a variety of containers.

Fly stocks are inspected regularly for mite control.

Maintenance of specific Drosophila lines and collections of fly stocks that might be usefull for the research community (internal users and consortiums).

The Fly Facility centralizes importation and exportation requests from/to stock centers and laboratories.

Dedicated fly room and service provided by the Facility to receive new lines, and clean infected stocks.

Dedicated fly room to infect and run experiments with BSL-1 agents.

Dedicated fly room to infect and run experiments with BSL-2 agents.

Practical training and research support, and organization of courses through the CONGENTO Education and Training group.



Funding                                  Consortiums 


Updated on 12 september 2023

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