Our offer beyond funding

What the Foundation can offer

Our partner organisations have the skills and expertise, which ensures that our strands of work create lasting value. However, we also have strengths to contribute. We can offer advice and support based on our understanding of social and cultural affairs in our focus areas; we can often facilitate connections between organisations, bringing together effective learning communities; we can help distil and disseminate the lessons from work we are supporting; and we can challenge our partners, where appropriate, to be more ambitious for their work.

Our offer beyond funding

The table below summarises the different sort of help we provide and explains why we provide it. We are a relatively small team, which means that we do not have the resources to work intensively on a one-to-one basis with every organisation we support throughout the period of funding.

Our approach is to concentrate our resources on assistance for the cohorts of organisations we are working with in order to deliver our strands. We work with them as a group on, for example, evaluation and learning and access to other sources of funding.

In addition, there are a small number of organisations that we are core funding over an extended period, which receive more concentrated support, particularly those in the start-up phase. We are also committed to helping any organisation that is experiencing particular difficulties in delivering the project we are supporting through helping either directly ourselves, where we have the expertise, or by purchasing tailored consultancy support.

Updated on 13 march 2020

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