The Foundation is committed to maximising the beneficial impact of its funding and to bring about change. We are therefore keen to promote our partners’ work and to collaborate with our partners to disseminate learning.

Our expectations

We expect our partners to:

  1. Send us drafts of material whose production we have supported before publication (reports, videos, toolkits or other resources).
  2. Let us know about events they are planning in relation to the work we are supporting (conferences, seminars, workshops, receptions).
  3. Provide drafts of media releases about the work we are funding before they are issued. How we work with partners – a briefing guide for those we support provides a paragraph about the Foundation that should be included in the Notes to Editors.
  4. Acknowledge our support in all printed, electronic and other materials related to the work supported as per the guidance provided in How we work with partners – a briefing guide for those we support.
  5. Please send us copies of the coverage you receive about the project (both good and bad).
  6. Please send us video clips, short films and print quality high resolution photos of the work we are supporting where you have them.

Our commitments

To disseminate partners’ work through channels available to us

To make space available for seminars and meetings in our offices in central London

To provide quotations from our Director for media releases and prefaces/introductory material for publications.

Full details of how to work with us in terms of communications is provided in our How we work with partners – a briefing guide for those we support document.