Grants and Scholarships

Grants are provided to support projects related to our five-year plan and scholarships are awarded to university students and researchers in five specific categories.


The Armenian Communities Department of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation has revamped its university scholarship programme. The Programme will focus on four principal categories, putting further emphasis on Armenian Studies internationally. The four categories are:

1.       Armenian Studies Scholarship

2.       Undergraduate Studies Scholarship for less developed countries (including degrees in education)

3.       Short Term Grant for Armenian Studies

4.       Short Term Conference and Travel Grants to Students and Young Academics in Armenia.

In addition, the Department will continue supporting Armenian university students studying in Portugal and provide emergency or special circumstances scholarships to students facing extraordinary situations. These applications are considered on an ad hoc basis.

In order to help applicants plan better their financial resources, and enhance transparency further, the Department has decided to fix grant amounts for three of its major scholarship categories (see “Requirements, criteria and conditions” of the scholarships).

Note that the “Global Excellence” scholarship category is being phased out. Current awardees will continue receiving their scholarships as per grants already awarded, but new applications are not being accepted.

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Project Grants

Projects submitted should fall within the scope of our four priority areas:

  • Promote the preservation of the Armenian language and culture, and the development of the diaspora by linking its different parts and by investing in education;
  • Develop a viable Armenia through investing in its youth and their commitment to civil society;
  • Improve Armenian-Turkish relations by sponsoring projects that encourage a common understanding of their long shared history;
  • Preserve and make available the Armenian literary heritage.

Awarded amounts are variable and depend on the project and its needs. Project Grants are open to all applicants, regardless of nationality or country of implementation.

Visit our projects page to learn more about some of the projects we have supported.

Please note our Five Year Plan will change during the current year. We will inform candidates accordingly. 

Please note that due to the large volume of applications and the upcoming summer holidays, the project grants programme will be temporarily suspended during the month of August. We will only be evaluating and responding to applications starting in September.

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