Projects Supported and Scholarships Awarded

Project grants

Every year, the Armenian Communities Department of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation supports various cultural, educational, research and philanthropic initiatives that have a positive impact on the Armenian world. Through projects that are in line with the Department’s priority areas, we have been supporting individuals, institutions and non-profit organizations in their efforts to strengthen the Armenian language, culture, and identity in the Diaspora, and enhancing intellectual creativity, critical thinking and the emergence of educated youth and future leaders in Armenia.

Moreover, in line with its mission to strengthen the Western Armenian language, a main focus for the Armenian Communities Department, for the past ten years, the Department has been giving, and continues to give, support to Armenian schools and educational institutions in the Diaspora, through direct aid, but also altering from direct small grants of help towards bigger grants for better reforms in schools and educational centres for more impact in the field of education.

The lists below give a general overview of the projects supported by the Department since 2014. The dates of the projects mainly correspond to their grant approval dates and not to the year of implementation or completion. The countries mentioned correspond to the implementing partner’s country, as in the interconnected Armenian world it is sometimes difficult to situate the projects in specific countries, since they span Armenia and various Diasporan countries.

Our project grants are open to all applicants, regardless of nationality or country of implementation, as long as they pertain to Armenian themes and issues.

You can consult the lists through the links below:

2014 projects 2015 Projects 2016 Projects 2017 Projects 2018 Projects 2019 Projects 2020 Projects 2021 Projects 2022 Projects 2023 Projects

Sponsored publications

Since its inception, the Armenian Communities Department has been sponsoring the publications of books, especially in the Armenian language.

The document below lists the publications supported by the Department since 2014. It does not include electronic publications or digitised texts. 



Since its inception in 1957, the Armenian Communities Department of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation has been giving higher education scholarships. Our scholarship scheme is one of the main tools through which we aim to bring positive impact on the Armenian world, by investing in an educated youth. Thanks to these scholarships, thousands of students have been able to pursue higher education.

Every year, the Armenian Communities Department grants 1.000.000 EUR in university scholarships to students and researchers working on Armenian themes.

Our scholarship reports are available for consultation through the links below:

2014-2018 Five-Year Scholarship Report 2014-2018 Five-Year Scholarship Recipients
2019 Scholarship Report 2019 Scholarship Recipients
2020 Scholarship Report 2020 Scholarship Recipients
2021 Scholarship Report 2021 Scholarship Recipients
2022 Scholarship Report 2022 Scholarship Recipients

Annual reports

The following reports are extracted from Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation’s main Annual Reports, which are published yearly and can be found here. The excerpts shared here are mere summaries to highlight some of the work carried out by the Armenian Communities Department.

2014 Annual Report 2015 Annual Report 2016 Annual Report 2017 Annual Report 2018 Annual Report 2019 Annual Report 2020 Annual Report 2021 Annual Report 2022 Annual Report


Updated on 21 march 2024

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