Managed Moves

A complete guide to managed moves as an alternative to permanent exclusion

Adam Abdelnoor

Free PDF of the Book (1.6 MB)

Managed Moves sets out a humane and effective approach to the management of children at risk of permanent exclusion from school. Exclusion rejects people, breaks social links and risks losing the child to the streets. A successful, voluntary, managed move leads the child to safe, supervised surroundings where their educational needs can be met, whether in a Pupil Referral Unit, college, or mainstream school, or a combination of these which could also include work experience. This publication provides both a quick reference guide – immediately accessible, particularly at times of crisis – and more detailed guidance (including case studies, model letters and scripts) on how to facilitate a managed move and on the strategic development of this approach.

Although the government has advocated the use of managed moves as an alternative to permanent exclusion since 2004, Managed Moves is the first publication of its kind to be made available. It will be of immediate and lasting value to headteachers and inclusion managers, government, education authorities, schools, Pupil Referral Units, and other centres of education. It provides practical guidance to those in and out of schools who deal with pupils’ difficult and disruptive behaviour, poor attendance, and exclusion. It is also a valuable resource for social and youth justice workers and other health and welfare professionals currently involved in exclusions and managed moves in both the statutory and voluntary sectors.

Adam Abdelnoor is a chartered psychologist and qualified teacher with 30 years’ experience in education who has worked with children at risk of excluison since 1989. He is the founding chief executive of the inclusion charity Inaura. His Churchill Fellowship in 2000 (Defining and developing zero school exclusion cultures) was followed by two British Academy Awards. A broadcaster and writer, Abdelnoor’s publications and media work include Preventing Exclusions (Heinemann, 1999) and a recent series for Teacher TV, What did you do at school today? He is also a senior research fellow in the Department of Education at Canterbury Christ Chruch University.

Articles and reviews
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“One last chance: A ‘managed move’ offers children who face exclusion a fresh start without the trauma of rejection”, Diane Hofkins writes about Managed Moves.
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“If schools collaborate in taking on each other’s problem children, it helps heads and avoids the stigma of exclusion, writes William Stewart.”
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“New book explores exclusion options.”
Radio 4’s Learning Curve Focuses on Managed Moves
Libby Purves interviews Adam Abdelnoor, 28 January 2008
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