Hardest to Reach? – The politics of multiple needs and exclusions

24 apr 2010

“In 2010 there remains a small group of people, spread through every community in Britain, who are living deeply chaotic lives. Often homeless or serving short-term prison sentences many are also trapped in a spiral of drugs, mental ill health and crime. All are ‘recycling’ between service interventions without ever getting the coordinated help they need. And as the recession continues to bite, this disjointed approach is costing an awful lot in terms of money and wasted potential.” Source: Hardest to Reach?

Hardest to Reach? – The politics of multiple needs and exclusions looks at the political challenges for left and right of tackling multiple needs and exclusions and makes the case for a multiple needs and exclusions Green Paper early in the next Parliament. Produced by the Fabian Society in association with Making Every Adult Matter and with funding from the Gulbenkian Foundation, the book includes cross-party contributions from Hilary Armstong MP, Iain Duncan Smith MP (Centre for Social Justice), Alasdair Murray (CentreForum), David Halpern and Akash Paun (Institute for Government) and exciting new public attitudes work from Peter Kellner (YouGov).

For more information go to Making Every Adult Matter

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