• FRAME (Fact-Checking Reinforced by AI for Media outlets)

    Grantee: Les Surligneurs / Grant: €79,831.46

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  • NATURAL | Fact-Checking Natural Remedies and Herbal Medicine

    Grantee: Inevitável e Fundamental, Lda. / Grant: €53,825.81

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  • Pismo. To foster the best practice fact-checking in Polish media

    Grantee: Fundacja Pismo / Grant: €37,204.85

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  • Supporting Ukrainian Media to Develop Fact-checking Activities in the Context of the War

    Grantee: Agence France Presse / Partners: UKRINFORM (Ukraine) and BISNESGROUPP LLC (Ukraine) / Grant: €80,000

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  • Training critical thinking & verification of information in Suburban Schools Libraries across Italy

    Grantee: Biblioteche Senza Frontiere / Funded Partner: Dataninja Srls (Italy) / Grant: €54,998

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  • Combat disinformation in a sustainable way – COMDISWAY

    Grantee: Association European Journalists LLC / Grant: €54,955

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  • HOTLINE. A weekly newsletter on climate change and disinformation narratives

    Grantee: The Fact-Checking Factory LLC / Funded Partner: Slow News SRL (Italy) / Grant: €48,551.93

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  • Building resilience of Ukrainian fact-checkers in the fight against disinformation about the EU

    Grantee: Madrid University Carlos III / Non-Funded Partner: The Media Reforms Center (Ukraine) / Grant: €54,405.70

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  • Made for social media: fighting disinformation with fact graphics

    Grantee: dpa-infocom GmbH / Partner: The Baltic Center For Investigative Journalism "Re:Baltica" (Latvia), InTheBaltic (Lithuania), Pravda Association (Poland), Funky Citizens (Romania), Association of European Journalists (Bulgaria) / Non-Funded Partner: Delfi Lithuania limited liability company (Lithuania), The Media Reforms Center (Ukraine) / Grant: €69,986

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  • Media against Disinformation

    Grantee: European Media Ltd. [EurActiv Poland] / Grant: €54,999.97

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  • LucidNews&Investigations

    Grantee: Belarusian Investigative Center z.s. / Grant: €54,989

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  • “Desinfomiert” – Season 1: An information war

    Grantee: CORRECTIV – Investigative Journalism in the Public Interest / Grant: €54,072.50

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  • Exposing the Slovenian disinformation ecosystem

    Grantee: Oštro, Center for investigative journalism in the Adriatic region / Grant: €50,172.66

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  • Tackling false narratives in anti-corruption and the rule of law media reporting

    Grantee: Transparency International Slovakia / Partner: Adapt Institute (Slovakia) / Grant: €79,999.40

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  • OMEDIALITERACY. Overview of the challenges and opportunities of media literacy policies in Europe

    Grantee: Autonomous University of Barcelona / Partners: Nova University of Lisbon (Portugal); University of Vienna (Austria); University of Amsterdam (Netherlands) / Grant: €129,499.52

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