The EMIF is managed by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. In that regard, the CGF provides the secretariat and executes the decisions taken by the Fund’s Management Committee, builds and runs the Fund website and the application system, contracts and monitors the initiatives and projects supported by the Fund, disburses the grants and do the Fund’s accounting.

Management Committee

The EMIF Management Committee is established within the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and is composed of three members:

  • A representative of the Foundation who chairs the Committee;
  • An independent member appointed by the EUI;
  • An independent expert, appointed jointly by the EUI and the Foundation.

The Management Committee is the Fund’s decision-making body. It validates all necessary measures to guide the Fund’s activities. It sets the Fund’s methods of action, designates beneficiaries and determines potential partners. It adopts the design of funding calls and decides on the awarded projects and grant recipients.

The Management Committee disposes the greatest liberty in its choice and methods of action regarding the projects it supports providing that these respect the Fund’s objectives.


Steering Committee

The EMIF Steering Committee, chaired by an EUI representative, provides general guidance and oversight to the Management Committee, notably by overseeing the external independent review and evaluation of the Fund’s activities.

The Steering Committee is composed of representatives from EUI and CGF but also from other Foundations acknowledged for their work on matters of importance for media literacy and resilience and/or EU matters and of other experts of recognised capacity.


Evaluation and selection model

The selection of the projects is done by independent selection committees composed of persons of the highest scientific integrity and representatives of different stakeholders in the relevant thematic areas. Each committee consists of independent members and a Chair, who takes decisions as much as possible according to consensus. In case consensus cannot be reached, a majority rule is applied with the Chair holding the deciding vote in case of a tie. All members of the selection committees are publicly listed on the Fund website.

Decisions are totally independent from any outside influence, including from donors. A strict conflict of interests’ policy is observed. The European Digital Media Observatory (EDMO) has agreed to play a scientific advisory role in this process.