Regarding the three calls launched on 29 January 2024 under the areas of intervention of Investigations into Disinformation, Research – Studies & Sandboxes, and Actions in Support of Media Literacy it is only possible to apply once to ONE of the three, EITHER as the lead partner OR as a partner.

It is, however, possible to simultaneously apply to the call “Boosting Fact-Checking Activities in Europe” and to ONE of the three calls mentioned above.

Yes, at the moment when the application is submitted the entity must be legally established.

In the fields "Year n" and "Year n+1", you must insert the PAST years you will consider when you insert your financial results. These years must be the 2 years PREVIOUS to the application year or, in case the pandemic severely affected your activity and your last 2 years are not representative of your normal performance, you can opt for presenting financial results up to two years prior.

An evaluation of the action is expected to be commissioned, and its costs considered under the Budget Item “Costs arising directly from requirements imposed by the Grant Contract”. This external evaluation should be submitted along with the project final report.

Only organisations based in the EU, EFTA and the UK are eligible for funding, entities based outside of the EU, EFTA and the UK may enter the consortia as Non-Funded Partners or be subcontracted.

No. Cross-border activities are understood as within the EU, EFTA and the UK. 

Only activities taking place in the EU, EFTA and the UK are eligible for funding.

Simple (unofficial) translations of supporting documents are accepted.

No, all documents must be part of the application when it is submitted. If there is missing documentation after the submission date the application does not go through the admissibility phase.

No, the amount requested in the application form cannot exceed the maximum grant for the respective Call for Proposals. If this requirement is not fulfilled the application does not go through the admissibility phase.

Yes, you can use the “save” button at the bottom of your application form.


Boosting Fact-checking Activities

Yes. Even though cooperation and networks are strongly encouraged, a stand-alone fact-checking operation is eligible both for urgent actions and scale up projects.

The call is aimed specifically at funding entities employing fact-checkers. At least one of the partner applicants within a consortium shall employ fact-checkers.

Applicants that are not employing fact-checkers before the date of the application should present a firm commitment to do so as a declaration annexed to the application form AND engage to enter into a formal employment contract with one or more fact-checkers by the grant awarding notification date.


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