The Multilingual Fact-Checker Chatbot

Grantee: Newtral (Spain) / Partners: Ostro, Center for investigative journalism in the Adriatic region (Slovenia); Delfi UAB (Lithuania); Magyar Jeti Incorporated (Hungary) / Grant: €80,000
  • Priority Area Boosting Fact-checking Activities in Europe
  • Funding Round / Action Types 6th Funding Round – Scale-up Projects
  • Year 2024
  • Country Spain
  • Project Status Ongoing

In the face of increasing misinformation, this project introduces a novel multilingual chatbot powered by Generative AI, designed to counteract disinformation by providing fact-checked information to users globally. This chatbot aims to offer real-time, conversational fact-checking assistance, transforming the way individuals interact with information validation processes.
Many fact-checkers use chatbots via platforms like WhatsApp, but the experience usually relies on directed responses and a selection of predefined choices, falling short of being a true conversation. Our project endeavors to bridge this gap, aspiring to provide users with a conversational experience akin to having a personal assistant fact-checker-like within their chat interface.
To bolster the chatbot’s comprehensiveness and adaptability, the project encourages collaboration with multiple fact-checkers, particularly across Europe, to enhance the database and check its accuracy in different target languages and diverse socio-cultural contexts. Focusing on EU regions vulnerable to disinformation campaigns, particularly those backed by foreign entities, the project emphasizes deploying this chatbot as a critical tool for accessing trustworthy information. Success in this endeavor could significantly contribute to a more informed and resilient information ecosystem in Europe and beyond.
Our primary target groups include citizens and media consumers in Albania, Hungary, Lithuania, Slovenia and Spain, who are seeking accurate and reliable information regarding the Ukraine war. By combining the latest in AI technology with a novel approach to fact-checking, this project aspires to create a groundbreaking tool that enhances how individuals interact with information. We aim to establish a new standard in the fight against misinformation, offering a “personal fact-checker” to users worldwide.

Updated on 15 march 2024

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