Preliminary Draft – Terrain

The guidelines defined in of the “Headquarters and Museum Programme” — continuity, an intimate relation between indoors/outdoors induced by the ideals of the Modern Movementmeant that modeling terrain work would need to be carried out on the hillside of S. Sebastião where the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation chose to install the buildings.

A set of sketches in the Archive of the Projects and Works Service demonstrates the following method.


  • Production date: 31/12/1961
  • Designers (main authors): BARRETO, António Facco Viana, TELLES, Gonçalo Pereira Ribeiro
  • Contributors (co-authors): FCG – Serviço de Projectos e Obras
  • Project phase: Do concurso ao anteprojeto
  • Identifier: PT FCG FCG:SPO-S002-D00025-DES01006

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