Santa Gertrudes Park: Excavation – 1st Contract

Up until June 1962, under the guidance of the landscape architects, the area where the first excavations were to be constructed was delimited [i]. In January 1962, a Report from the Services of Projects and Works, which defines the actions first undertaken, considered:

 The reconstruction of the lake;

– The surface drainage of the park;

The primary general drainage of the park.

In the same month, António Barreto and Ribeiro Telles signed a requisition for the acquisition of 330 trees and 100 shrubs: Populus canescens (3m), 30 Populus nigra var. italica (5m), 50 Betula celtiberica (2m), 20 Alnus glutinosa (1.5m), 50 Quercus pyrenaica (1.2m), 50 Quercus suber (1.2m), 50 Quercus faginea (1.2m), 100 Viburnum Tinus (shrubs dressed from below 1.2m), and 30 Salix viminalis.

[i] Fence and Deposit of Fertile Land – Blueprint

  • Production date: 1962
  • Designers (main authors): FCG – Serviço de Projectos e Obras
  • Project phase: Do projeto de execução à obra (1963-1969)
  • Identifier: PT FCG FCG:SPO-S001-P0001/07/01-FOTO00478
  • Temporal coverage: 1962
  • Type of data: Image
  • Extension format: 1 fotografia
  • Media format: jpg
  • Materials: planting land, soil
  • Keywords: earthwork, photo, pickling

In order to consult the original version of this document you should contact the Gulbenkian Archives by e-mail [email protected] and refer the document´s ID

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