• TeaMLit Teacher education in digital and media literacy: providing guidance, resources and support

    Grantee: MEDEA: Media and Learning Association iVZW / Partners: Association for Communication and Media Culture (Croatia); Heidelberg University (Germany); Interuniversitary Micro-Electronics Centre vzw (Belgium); Dublin City University Institute for Future Media, Democracy, and Society (Ireland); The Finnish Society on Media Education (Finland) / Grant: €399,996.14

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  • Media Literacy Leads: Digital wisdom in an age of online disinformation

    Grantee: The Student View / Partners: Bellingcat (Netherlands); DEMOS (United Kingdom); PSHE Association (United Kingdom) / Grant: €398,968.83

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  • Empowering critical thinking education in local communities

    Grantee: Association Langas i ateiti / Partners: Public Internet Access Points (Lithuania) / Grant: €104,338.28

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  • Empowering schools in self-regulation of Media and Information Literacy processes

    Grantee: University of Florence / Partners: Tampere University (Finland); Anastasis Social Cooperative (Italy); Romanian American University (Romania) / Grant: €399,459.91

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  • Escape Fake 2.0

    Grantee: Polycular e.U. / Partners: LA FABBRICA S.P.A. (Italy); PRO PROGRESSIONE CULTURAL (Hungary); Expert Forum Association (Romania) / Grant: €250,836.41

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  • YO-MEDIA: Youngsters’ Media Literacy in Times of Crisis

    Lead Partner: Portuguese Press Editors and Publishers Association / Partners: University of Aveiro (Portugal); Catholic University of the Sacred Heart (Italy); Balmes University Foundation (Spain) / Grant: €399,998.40

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  • Using micro-learning to train educators – a cascade approach to media and information literacy

    Lead Partner: Godinhela Association – Research and Social Development / Partners: Smart Bananas (Italy); University of Salamanca (Spain); University of Skovde (Sweden); SPHERICAL PIXEL S.L. (Spain) / Grant: €396,334.34

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    Grantee: School with Class Foundation / Partners: Demagog Association (Poland); Smilemundo Association (Spain); Adfaber Association (Romania); Fakescape (Czech Republic) / Grant: 396,993.30

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