View over the lake – Santa Gertrudes Park

Print depicting the Santa Gertrudes Park designed by the Swiss gardener Jacob Weiss between 1866 and 1870 [i].

Of that airy bandstand, (…) that bandstand where the band play us every Sunday and Thursday a musical repertoire which is always varied, those who climb the marble staircase enjoy a surprising panorama. The bandstand is really the true point of choice for those who want to enjoy a bird’s eye view over the central lake and a vast area in the North-South direction to the Entrance Gate. (…)How beautiful that vast lake! (…) A true sea! A true mirror in the tranquility of the waters! (…) On the shores of the lake, which are very varied in form and rocks, the most interesting species of the plant kingdom – among them a few examples of the “gynereum argentum”, whose silky Streptopelia coloured plants resemble the softness of the finest stoat (…) in the background … you can see the northern façade of the magnificent palace where the owners of the S. Sebastião da Pedreira Park live. Between the gate of the Park and the little garden of the palace runs the ring road.”


[i] View of the lake and gloriette in Santa Gertrudes Park



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