FRAME (Fact-Checking Reinforced by AI for Media outlets)

Grantee: Les Surligneurs / Grant: €79,831.46
  • Priority Area Boosting Fact-checking Activities in Europe
  • Funding Round / Action Types 4th Funding Round – Scale-up Projects
  • Year 2023, 2024
  • Country France
  • Project Status Ongoing

Fact-checking is about tracing and debunking disinformation campaigns, but doing so requires being able to monitor the use of certain keywords by public figures.

If there is a wide range of private actors for social listening, there is only one French actor that provides TV/radio listening ( What if we could combine social listening and TV/radio listening? It would certainly help with the tracing of disinformation campaigns in the public debate, without focusing solely on social media. This is FRAME, Fact-checking renforcé par Apprentissage automatique pour les médias.

Moreover, what if there was a tool that could match statements of public figures in video and audio, with everything a media outlet has previously fact-checked? This would be of great value: once a statement containing disinformation has been fact-checked, you could then monitor the reactions to the fact-checks: does the claim continue spreading? If so, who spreads it, where and on which platform? You could then reuse the original fact-checked content, albeit slightly modified for the present case, for fast and efficient fact-checking. It would also be useful for studies on the spread of disinformation and the impact of fact-checking. Moreover, the public could be given access to a public version and verify the spread of a statement.

FRAME is not automated fact-checking, but it would support fact-checkers’ daily work.

At first, FRAME aims at using machine-learning models using spoken language processing to help Les Surligneurs detect and trace law-related disinformation campaigns. At a later stage, other interested fact-checking organisations will be able to adapt the tool to their own publications.

The grant will fund access to a platform using state-of-the-art technology that aggregates automatic transcripts of audio and video sources containing the statements of public figures. Filters will be set up to search for statements according to different criteria.

Updated on 16 june 2023

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