• The dynamics of LGBTQ+ misinformation across Europe

    Grantee: Tilburg University, DCA / Partners: Netherlands Defence Academy (Netherlands) / Grant: €149,474.00

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  • Disinformation Dynamics: Weaponising community divisions in local environmental discourse

    Grantee: Demos / Partners: Public Interest News Foundation (United Kingdom) / Grant: €136,386.41

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  • Decoding the Disinformation Playbook II

    Grantee: International Press Institute / Partners: Faktograf (Croatia); TAZ (Germany) / Grant: €149,587.66 €

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  • CrossOver Finland

    Grantee: Check First (Limited Company) / Partners: Faktabaari (Finland) / Grant: €149,960.96

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  • Exploring the interplay between pro-Kremlin ecosystems and extremist movements in Europe

    Grantee: Institute for Strategic Dialogue / Partners: CASM Technology LLP (United Kingdom) / Grant: €149,946.66

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  • Understanding Disinformation Dynamics on Telegram (UDDOT)

    Grantee: Foundation / Partners: University of Granada (Spain) / Grant: €146,899.80

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  • Preventing Disinformation seepage into EU pre-election campaigns in Slovakia and Czechia

    Grantee: Transparency International Slovakia / Partners: EURACTIVsk (Slovakia ); EURACTIVcz (Czechia); Transparency International Czech Republic (Czechia) / Grant: €114,250.96

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  • The marketplace of (false) ideas: Uncovering, analyzing, debunking, and researching sponsored disinfo

    Grantee: Political Capital Limited Liability Company / Partners: Hungarian Jeti Incorporated (Hungary); Mertek Media Monitor Public Benefit Non-Profit Ltd. (Hungary) / Grant: €143,211.80

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  • OMEDIALITERACY. Overview of the challenges and opportunities of media literacy policies in Europe

    Grantee: Autonomous University of Barcelona / Partners: Nova University of Lisbon (Portugal); University of Vienna (Austria); University of Amsterdam (Netherlands) / Grant: €129,499.52

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  • Uisce Faoi Thalamh: An Investigation into Online Disinformation in Ireland

    Grantee: Institute for Strategic Dialogue / Partner: CASM Technology LLP (United Kingdom) / Grant: €129,997.70

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  • Vrbetice case study: Effective policies and international cooperation for countering disinformation

    Grantee: European Values Center for Security Policy / Partner: EuroPolicy, o.z. (Slovakia) / Grant: €126,406.20

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  • Decoding the disinformation playbook

    Grantee: International Press Institute / Partners: Faktograf – Association for the Informed Public (Croatia); TAZ Publishing and Distribution Ltd. (Germany) / Grant: €129,528.86

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