2023 Calls for Proposals now open

The European Media and Information Fund (EMIF) opened three calls for proposals for projects in Europe aiming to fight disinformation on 27 January 2023. EMIF will distribute up to €4,800,000 across three areas of interventions:

  • Investigations into Disinformation Dynamics
  • Research for a Transparent and Resilient Information Ecosystem
  • Media and Information Literacy for Societal Resilience


Investigations into Disinformation Dynamics” addresses current knowledge gaps on the scale and scope of disinformation in Europe and to improve understanding of the phenomenon and its impact on European audiences. The call is specifically aimed at projects that can enlarge the current evidence base about the dynamics and characteristics of disinformation campaigns affecting European audiences, including foreign information manipulation and interference and the economic motives behind the spreading of disinformation. The maximum grant size per project in this area is €150,000 with a duration of up to nine months.

With a maximum grant size of €400,000 and a maximum duration of 18 months, “Research for a Transparent and Resilient Information Ecosystem” supports projects working on structural and fundamental epistemological issues linked to the digital transformation of the media landscape, including research on the effects of digital media and technologies. Applicants can refer to EDMO’s Scientific Focus to delve into several research areas, taking into account the specificities of the information environment in the targeted geographical areas.

Media and Information Literacy Enhancing Societal Resilience,” supports initiatives that empower citizens by strengthening their ability to think critically, assess the trustworthiness of information accessed or shared through social media, fully understand the mechanisms that shape online interactions amongst social media users, and take part in the public discourse in a responsible and meaningful way. The projects funded by this call can run up to 18 months with a maximum grant amount of €400,000.

These calls will remain open until 28 April 2023 at 12:59 CET. Applications for funding must be submitted by groups of legal entities (partnerships or consortia) located in the EU, EFTA and UK.

Additionally, EMIF will host an online information session on 24 February 2023 to explain the application process and answer questions of prospective applicants with more details on registration to follow.

Updated on 27 january 2023

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