2022 Scholarships

16 sep 2022

This year marks the 65th anniversary of the Armenian Communities Department’s scholarship scheme, the roots of which go back to 1957. Thanks to these scholarships, thousands of students have been able to pursue higher education. Every year, the Armenian Communities Department of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation grants 1.000.000 USD in university scholarships to students and researchers. Of this, approximately one-third is in new grants and the rest in renewal scholarships. In 2022, 385.763 USD were awarded in new scholarships for two principal scholarship categories: “Armenian Studies” and “Higher Education for Armenian Students in Developing Countries.” A total of 240 scholarship applications were received in 2022, and 83 scholarships of varying amounts were granted: 17 in Armenian Studies (at the graduate level –PhD and MA) and 66 to Higher Education for Armenian Students in Developing Countries (undergraduate level).

A total of 231.263 USD was granted in new scholarships within the Armenian Studies scholarship category. 49 applications were received and 17 selected. Scholarships run from one to three years, eight are for PhDs and nine are for MAs. The scholarship awardees are pursuing their studies in the Unites States, UK, Canada, Estonia, Cyprus, Finland, and France. In terms of broad research, the MA topics include, among others:

  • The Armenian community in Lebanon.
  • International peace & security in relation to Nagorno-Karabakh.
  • The Soviet past in Armenia.

PhD research topics include, among others:

  • Addressing language loss in Armenian diasporan communities and schools, and investigating approaches for language revitalization.
  • The Armenian Diaspora in Europe.
  • The Nagorno-Karabakh.
  • Armenians in the late Ottoman Empire.
  • Disability and rehabilitation in Armenia.

A total of 154.500 USD was granted within the Higher Education Scholarships for Armenian Students in Developing Countries category. 191 applications were received from which 66 were selected. The scholarship awardees are pursuing their studies in Lebanon, Armenia, and Turkey, among others. The topics studied include:

The Armenian Communities Department congratulates all the awardees!

These two scholarship categories are currently closed. They will reopen in January 2023 for the subsequent academic year. The Short-Term grants (for travel and for Armenian studies) remain open.

For more information visit the Department’s Grants and Scholarship page.

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