12 December 2014

What Will We Be Doing on 25 April 2015? This is The Question.

An interview with Razmik Panossian, published on 5 December 2014 by Agos


Interview by Vahakn Keshishian and Maral Dink.

In early 2014, the Armenian Communities Department of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation announced a five-year programming plan, focussing on supporting, sustaining and developing the Western Armenian language. Razmik Panossian, the Department’s director, traveled to Armenia, Turkey, and major centers of the Armenian diaspora to visit schools and talk to community leaders before finalizing his reform program.  “If this generation doesn’t take action,” he says, “Western Armenian will die. Our goal is not solely to keep the language alive but to enhance its cultural development and production.”

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