Dido and Aeneas

Gulbenkian Orchestra and Choir / Maxim Emelyanychev

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Operas with a fully scored libretto were a rarity in sixteenth-century England. A notable exception is Henry Purcell’s work Dido and Aeneas (1689), revealing the English composer’s dramatic genius. Conducting the Gulbenkian Orchestra and a range of experienced singers, young conductor Maxim Emelyanychev will demonstrate his leadership and boldness in addressing the inexorable and tragic love between Dido, Queen of Carthage, and the Trojan Aeneas.


Gulbenkian Choir
Gulbenkian Orchestra
Maxim EmelyanychevHarpsichord / Conductor
Marianne Beate Kielland Mezzo-Soprano (Dido)
Edwin Crossley-Mercer Bass-Baritone (Aeneas)
Ana Quintans Soprano (Belinda / Venus)
Cátia Moreso Mezzo-Soprano (Sorceress/ Spring)
David Webb Tenor (Sailor/ Phoebus)
Cecília Rodrigues Soprano (1st Witch, 2nd Woman, 2.ª Nereid, 2.ª Shepherdess)
Eduarda Melo Soprano (2nd Witch, 1.ª Nereid, 1st Shepherdess)
Beatriz Ventura Soprano – Gulbenkian Choir (Spirit)

Helena Raposo Baroque guitar
Shizuko Noiri Oud
Adrià Gàlvez Pipe organ

Henry Purcell
Dido and Aeneas

*Due to unforeseen reasons, conductor Leonardo García Alarcón is replaced by Maxim Emelyanychev.

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