• Fact-checking the Ukrainian War in the Black Sea Region

    Grantee: EXPERT FORUM ASSOCIATION / Grant: €49,956.88

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  • FAST: Fact-checkers acting to stop early-detected disinformation campaigns

    Grantee: Foundation Against Disinformation: Journalism, Education, Investigation and Data in New Formats / Partner: Servimedia S.A. (Spain) / Grant: €79,897.52

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  • SCENT – Scientific Credibility Evaluation NeTwork

    Grantee: Science Feedback / Grant: €79,645

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  • Czech Elections in the Era of Disinformation: The 2023 Presidential Election

    Grantee: Prague Security Studies Institute / Partners: (Czech Republic); Ústav nezávislé žurnalistiky, z. ú. – Hlídací (Czech Republic) / Grant: €20,357.10

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  • Fact-Checking to Improve Media Coverage of the Arctic in Europe

    Grantee: Polar Research and Policy Initiative Limited / Grant: €80,000

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  • FACTUAL | Fact-Checking Climate Changes

    Grantee: Polígrafo – Inevitable and Fundamental, Limited Society / Grant: €39,253.63

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  • Ukrainian news agency to integrate fact-check in its content with the help of AFP and APA

    Grantee: Agence France-Presse / Partner: Austria Press Agency (Austria) / Grant: €55,000.00

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  • Scale-up of fact-checking activity of OKO.Press online portal

    Grantee: Foundation Centre for Civic Monitoring OKO / Grant: €50,032.85

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    Grantee: EURACTIV Media Network B.V. / Grant: €54,928.00

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  • Quick-reaction-Fact-checking on TikTok and popular social media

    Grantee: – Foundation "Counteracting Disinformation" / Grant: 54,858.00

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  • Scaled-up fact-checking before Latvian parliamentary elections in Oct, 2022

    Grantee: The Baltic Center For Investigative Journalism "Re:Baltica" / Grant: 50,032.85

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  • Piloting #Radio-FACT-Checks for a More Trustworthy Media Landscape (#FACT)

    Grantee: European Institute Foundation / Partner: Bulgarian National Radio (Bulgaria) / Grant: €79,970.56

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  • Better information for better health – clinical fact checker

    Grantee: Full Fact / Grant: €73,915.09

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  • Fighting the hybrid war in Latvia

    Grantee: JSC Delfi / Partner: Centre for East European Policy Studies (Latvia) / Grant: 35,636.20

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