Programa Cidadãos [email protected] / Active Citizens Fund


  • (DES)AMOR. Quebre o Ciclo da Violência

    Through illustration and creative writing activities, the (DES)AMOR project seeks to empower 30 women who have suffered from domestic and gender violence.

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  • (Re)Veste

    This project aims to promote the social inclusion and employability of youth people with disabilities or special educational needs (between 15 and 35 years old) by promoting weekly workshops for the development of social and personal skills, digital literacy workshops and clothing customization.

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  • [email protected]!

    [email protected]!” main objective is to contribute to the reduction of the percentage of young NEET residents in the municipality of Maia, aged between 15 and 29 years old and who are inactive without studying, working or attending vocational training, particularly in vulnerable situations, with low education and low levels of qualification.

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  • Bota Sentido

    This project aims to promote the educational success and employability of 125 young people with a history of school failure, abandonment and/or absenteeism from the municipality of Angra do Heroísmo and in situations of social vulnerability.

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  • Círculo de Jovens

    “Youth Circle” is a non-formal education project based on Children’s Parliament that aims to promote active citizenship and knowledge and understanding of the rights of children and youth living in social neighborhoods, giving them a voice.

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  • Ctr+Alt+Emprego

    This project aims to involve 500 migrants of working age who are in Portugal and looking for a job. The intervention is focused on the digital empowerment of the migrant population, its approach to the labour market and, consequently, seeks to reduce unemployment.

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  • Dreaming with Survivors

    “Dreaming with Survivors” is a project of and for child cancer patients and survivors.

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  • Famílias com Afetos

    Famílias com Afetos aims to involve 200 children/youths up to 18 years old and families identified by the Commission for the Protection of Children and Youth at Risk and by the School Grouping of Lousã.

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  • Gira Comigo

    The “Gira Comigo” project’s main objective is to promote the social inclusion of 40 children and young people from the Roma community in the district of Leiria.

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  • Integr(ar)te

    The Integr(ar)te Project aims to respond to the problem of non-acceptance, social discrimination and exclusion of young people on the basis of race and ethnicity

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  • Laboratório de Arte e Cidadania

    The project “Laboratório de Arte e Cidadania” proposes the development of spaces for artistic creation and civic participation aimed at 70 youth people in conflict with the law (compliance with educational tutelary measures and in prison context), especially those that reveal unsuccessful paths and dropout.

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  • Lugares de Encontro

    The "Lugares de Encontro" project aims to support 70 single-parent families in the municipality of São João da Madeira in socioeconomically vulnerable situations.

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  • Mezze-Escola

    The "Mezze-Escola" project aims to empower 40 migrants and refugees, especially women and young people between the ages of 18 and 50, with a view to their integration into the labour market in the restaurant and hotel sector.

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  • MOLDE 50: Rede co-criativa Geração +50 Ativa

    “MOLDE 50: Rede co-criativa Geração +50 Ativa” is aimed at people over 50, especially women, who are in a situation of social vulnerability.

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  • Mudarte

    “Mudarte: The Theater of the Oppressed in the Prevention of Violence among Youth People” is an educational project with children from the 3rd cycle of schools based in Cascais, who, through the use of the Theater of the Oppressed methodology (playing games, exercises and theatrical techniques) stimulating awareness about the theme of youth violence and oppression.

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