Programa Cidadãos Ativ@s / Active Citizens Fund

Who we are


Programme Management Unit

Luís Madureira Pires – Programme Director


Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (Lisbon)


Mafalda Leónidas – Bilateral and Regional Cooperation, Communication

Ana Teresa Santos – Project Manager / Strengthened democratic culture and civic awareness (Outcome 1)

Sara Pais – Project Manager / Increased support for human rights (Outcome 2)

Teresa Granja – Project Manager / Vulnerable groups are empowered (Outcome 3)

José Eleutério – Project Manager / Enhanced capacity and sustainability of civil society (Outcome 4)


Bissaya Barreto Foundation (Coimbra)


Sofia Nunes – Planning and technical support to NGOs

Cristina Cunha – Support to Project Implementation