2021 Calls are open!

Applications for the four Programme Outcomes are open until mid-November.

Committed to strengthening Civil Society, strengthening active citizenship and empowering the most vulnerable groups, the Active Citizens Programme launches today four calls for applications with the aim of supporting Portuguese Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to develop projects along its four Outcomes:

Applicable activities:

  • Advocacy activities, including the development and dissemination of policy papers/policy proposals;
  • Public policy watchdog and monitoring activities, including the implementation of recommendations or decisions taken at the international level;
  • Awareness raising, sharing of information in decision-making processes concerning public policies;
  • Promotion of e-participation tools that increase citizens’ participation in decision-making processes;
  • Collaboration between NGOs and investigative journalists to ensure transparency and combat corruption;
  • Awareness raising campaigns and actions that tackle fake news and disinformation and promote media literacy;
  • Awareness-raising campaigns and actions that counter extremism, hate speech and populism;
  • Partnerships and promotion of structured dialogue between NGOs and public and private entities.

Applicable activities:

  • Human rights education and training, in particular for young people;
  • Awareness raising campaigns and actions that prevent or fight human rights violations such as discrimination on any ground, racism, hate speech and all forms of
  • Activities valuing human diversity and promoting tolerance and the acceptance of that which is different;
  • Activities preventing and denouncing human rights violations against migrants and refugees and the Roma people;
  • Activities promoting equality and respect of LGBTI people rights;
  • Promotion of gender equality, including in parenthood and employment;
  • Advocacy work on human rights;
  • Research and analysis activities supporting political action in favour of human rights;
  • Cooperation and participation in the decision-making processes concerning public policies on human rights;
  • Collection and reporting of information regarding human rights violations;
  • Support to civil litigation processes in favour of human rights (counselling, legal assistance, etc.);
  • The creation of platforms and the use of digital matchmaking tools to facilitate and develop actions that promote intercultural dialogue and human rights;
  • Identifying and adopting good practices in specific areas of human rights in the context of a developing digital society.

Applicable activities:

  • Adoption of participatory methods and/or innovative solutions in addressing the needs of vulnerable groups;
  • Creation or improvement of support services to empower vulnerable groups;
  • Support for youths at risk of social exclusion, including from marginalised communities, in order to promote successful social and professional paths;
  • Support for victims of domestic and sexual violence, including their physical, psychological and social rehabilitation;
  • Support for the integration, in its various components, of refugees, migrants, Roma and other minority groups;
  • Support for the integration of former prisoners, homeless people and other marginalized or at-risk groups, including through the use of the arts, sport or culture;
  • Provision of training for the economic empowerment of vulnerable individuals, in order to promote their integration in the labour market;
  • Support for the mobilisation of older peoples’ knowledge for the benefit and inclusion of newer generations in marginalised communities, in particular through intergenerational cooperation and mentoring initiatives;
  • Creation or development of digital solutions that may facilitate the integration and empowerment of individuals who are in vulnerable situations.

Applicable activities:

  • Elaboration of needs assessments and action plans/strategic plans for organisations;
  • Implementation of action plans / strategic plans related to organisational/operational capacity building;
  • Training, mentoring, coaching and consulting in the priority cross-cutting areas of advocacy, watchdog and fundraising;
  • Traineeships for NGO staff members in other NGOs;
  • Cross-cutting training, mentoring, coaching and consulting on governance, planning, administrative and financial management, communication and marketing, volunteer attraction and management, monitoring and evaluation techniques;
  • Participation in networks and other vehicles for the internationalisation of organisations and their associative structures;
  • Transfer of knowledge between large and small civil society organisations;
  • Exchange of experiences for benchmarking;
  • Conducting studies and publications and creation of data bases and knowledge and information repositories;
  • Reinforcement of the sector’s capacity and notoriety through networking, fundraising and dissemination events;
  • Creation of a social business based on a business plan.


A Q&A session is scheduled for September 1st (in person, at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, in Lisbon, and also through the digital platforms), followed by a workshop on filling out the application form with practical cases (in person only).

q&a session


In addition, and with a view to guaranteeing the widest possible access to the calls, namely by NGO’s located outside the metropolitan areas of Lisbon and Porto, this session will be complemented with face-to-face workshops in the following cities and dates:

Ponta Delgada: September 3

Guimarães: September 6

Bragança: September 7

Funchal: September 10

Coimbra: September 14

Castelo Branco: September 15

Faro: September 21

Évora: September 22


Applications close, according to each outcome, between 11 and 16 November.

Watch the presentation video by Luís Madureira Pires (Programme Director) and the tutorial videos for filling out the application form:

Updated on 14 june 2023

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