Maria João Pires

in residency I

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After a prolonged absence from Portuguese stages, and having abandoned touring and the frenzy of the circuit of major world halls, Maria João Pires makes an exception and returns to Gulbenkian Music along with Armenian soprano Talar Dekrmanjian. It is the first of three recitals that Maria João Pires will star in throughout the season, giving us back the interpretative brilliance of the celebrated Portuguese pianist.


Maria João Pires Piano
Talar Dekrmanjian Soprano

Franz Schubert
Impromptus, D. 935 (No. 1 and 2)

Karoon a – It’s spring time
Yerginkn amber e – The cloudy sky
Yes Saren goukai – I came down from the mountain
Es Aroun – This brook
Song for piano solo n.1
Oror – Lullaby
Hov arek – The breeze
Alakyaz – Mount Alakyaz
Khngi dzar – Incense Tree
Es kisher Lousna kisher – This Moonlight Night
Kele,Kele – Stride up and down
Le Le yaman – Oh, what a Catastrophe
Andouni – Without a home

Franz Schubert
Impromptus, D. 935 (No. 3 and 4)

Dzirani Dzar – Apricot Tree
Keler Tsoler – Striding, Beaming
Groong – The Crane
Ervoom em – I’m burning
Gakavi yerk – Song of the Partridge
Shogher jan – Dear Shogher
Hoy Nazan – O Nazan
Shakhgr Shookhgr – Jingle-Jangle
Song for piano solo n.3
Akh Maral jan – Ah, dera Maral
Tchinar es – Like a Poplar