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A set of Instagram video testimonials by various professionals from the Gulbenkian Museum, presenting works from the Museum's collections.

At a time of confinement and quarantine, a desire to get out and reinvent the horizon can grow deep and urgent. Can the works of the Gulbenkian Museum constitute windows for our release from this confinement? Can they remedy our boredom, lovesickness, restlessness and uncertainty? Can they offer a palliative for fear? Can they give rise to winds of change? Visions of hope? Even inspire transformation?

We have consulted several museum professionals who deal closely with the works in the collection and asked them to choose one work to face uncertainty and boredom, or to simply express a hope for change and optimism.

Here are their choices, which we will share on the Foundation’s Instagram page over coming days and which lead us on a visit of the collection guided by many hands and many voices.


robert delaunay Robert Delaunay, ‘Femme Nue Lisant’, 1915. Oil and tempera on canvas. Modern Collection
sonia delaunay Sonia Delaunay, ‘Chanteur Flamenco (dit Petit Flamenco)’, 1916. Gouache on paper. Modern Collection
paula rego Paula Rego, ‘Time, Past and Present’, 1990. Acrylic paint on marouflé paper and canvas. Modern Collection
amadeo Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso, Untitled (Coty), 1917. Oil, sand, glass, paper, glue and mirror on canvas. Modern Collection
jorge queiróz Jorge Queiroz, Untitled, 2011. Graphite, pastel and vynil paint on paper. Modern Collection
jose luis neto José Luís Neto, Untitled (from the series ‘22474’), 2000. Fibre paper. Modern Collection
lourdes castro Lourdes Castro, ‘Letras e duas casas’. Collage and paint on canvas. Modern Collection
eneias 1 Domenico, Parodi (attrib.), ‘Aeneas Carrying His Father Anchises (and the Penates, Followed by the Young Ascanius)’, c. 1715. Marble. Founder’s Collection
Nuno Sousa Vieira Nuno Sousa Vieira, ‘Estudo para uma fuga’, 2007. Wood door from the artist’s studio. Modern Collection
jose escada José Escada, Untitled, 1973. Oil on canvas. Modern Collection
gabriela albergaria Gabriela Albergaria, ‘Tree trunk felled by Hurricane Sandy (found in New Jersey)’, 2012-14. Air-dry clay, tree trunks and clay. Modern Collection
almada Sarah Affonso, ‘Family’, 1937. Oil on canvas. Modern Collection
helena almeida-5 Helena Almeida, ‘Secret Cut’, 1981. Photography on canvas. Modern Collection
millet Jean-François Millet, ‘The Rainbow’, c. 1872-73. Pastel. Founder’s Collection
livro François-Louis Schmied, ‘Peau-Brune [De Saint-Nazaire à La Ciotat, Journal de Bord]’. Lyon: Société des XXX, 1935. Binding by Georges Cretté. Founder’s Collection
alberto carneiro 4 Alberto Carneiro, ‘A forest for your dreams’, 1970. Pine logs. Modern Collection
alberto carneiro 2 Alberto Carneiro, ‘Tree Game/Playful in Seven Mirror Images’, 1974. Clay, stainless steel, canes, tree and sisal rope. Modern Collection
paula rego 2 Paula Rego, ‘Time, Past and Present’, 1990. Acrylic paint on marouflé paper and canvas. Modern Collection
hubert robert Hubert Robert, ‘Le Tapis Vert’, c. 1775-77. Oil on canvas. Founder’s Collection
julião sarmento Julião Sarmento, ‘Hélder’, 2008. Acrylic paint, silkscreen, pigment and polyvinyl acetate on canvas. Modern Collection
pedro cabrita Pedro Cabrita Reis, ‘D(OOR), D(AM)’, 1990. Plaster, door frame and copper. Modern Collection
canape Jean-Nicolas Blanchard, Barthélémy Mamés Rascalon, ‘Sofa with corner seats’, 1784. Gilded walnut and beech and goldleaf; Gobelins tapestry. Founder’s Collection

International Museum Day

This is one of the activities we have prepared to celebrate International Museum Day, which will have an online-only programming this year. Conferences, a virtual exhibition and a guided tour to the Gulbenkian Museum are some of our suggestions for this day.

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