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23 July, 2019

2019 Calls: Demand surpasses three times the available budget

The 45 applications submitted in 2019 to the Active Citizens Fund in Portugal request financial support representing 302% of the budget allocation.

The 2019 calls of the Active Citizens Fund in Portugal which opened between early May and July this year, received a total of 45 applications for projects in the priority areas of Democratic culture and civic awareness, and capacity building of non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

A total of EUR 2 513 642 was requested, representing 302% of the budget allocation for the 2019 calls (EUR 830 000).

In Outcome 1 – Strengthened democratic culture and civic awareness, for which EUR 270 000 is available to support projects, 25 applications were submitted; and in Outcome 4 – Enhanced capacity and sustainability of civil society, with a budget of EUR 560 000, 20 applications were submitted. In Outcome 1 the projects to be selected can go up to 18 months and in Outcome 4 up to 30 months. Their costs can be supported by the Active Citizens Fund up to 90% of the eligible costs.


  Number of applications submitted Requested funding Available budget
Outcome 1 25 634 526€ 270 000€
Outcome 4 20 1 879 116€ 560 000€
Total 45 2 513 642€ 830 000€


It is now up to the Program Management Unit to check the admissibility of applications submitted, which will be evaluated by a pool of independent experts to the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and to the Bissaya Barreto Foundation.

The selection and approval of applications is scheduled for late November 2019.