Demand surpasses four times the available budget

Applications submitted to the Active Citizens Fund in Portugal request financial support representing 410% of the budget allocation for the 2018 calls.

The first calls of the Active Citizens Fund in Portugal (2018-2024), which opened between July and the end of October this year, received a total of 186 applications for developing social intervention projects in the four priority areas of the Program: Democratic culture and civic awareness, human rights, empowerment of vulnerable groups and capacity building of non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

A total of EUR 14 830 636 was requested, representing 410% of the budget allocation for the 2018 calls (EUR 3 620 000).

In Outcome 1 – Strengthened democratic culture and civic awareness, for which EUR 1 050 000 is available to support projects, 43 applications were submitted; in Outcome 2 – Increased support for human rights, with a budget of EUR 1 150 000, 16 applications were submitted; and Outcome 3 – Vulnerable groups are empowered, with a budget of EUR 1 300 000, 64 applications were submitted. On all three Outcomes, the projects to be selected can go up to 36 months and their costs can be supported by the Active Citizens Fund up to 90% of the eligible costs.

The open call for small projects in Outcome 4 – Enhanced capacity and sustainability of civil society is aimed for the development of NGOs’ action or strategic plans. NGOs funded by the Program should hire outside entities with proven experience in the field, and use participatory methods that actively involve all of their staff. 64 applications were submitted in this Outcome with a budget of EUR 120 000.


  Number of applications submitted Requested funding Available budget
Outcome 1 42 EUR 5 097 379 EUR 1 050 000
Outcome 2 16 EUR 1 840 803 EUR 1 150 000
Outcome 3 64 EUR 7 565 943 EUR 1 300 000
Outcome 4 64 EUR 326 508 EUR 120 000
Total 186 EUR 14 830 636 EUR 3 620 000


After the deadline for NGOs to apply in 2018, it is now up to the Program Management Unit to check the admissibility of applications submitted, which will be evaluated by a pool of independent experts to the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and to the Bissaya Barreto Foundation.

The selection and approval of applications is scheduled for February 2019.

Updated on 05 november 2018

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