Donations made by Jorge de Brito

On 16 August 2003, an exhibition opened in the CAM devoted to the donations made by the collector Jorge de Brito, as part of the commemorations of the building’s 20th anniversary. While the CAM is closed, we invite you to revisit, every month, an exhibition from the past.
11 aug 2021

As part of the commemorations of the 20th anniversary of the CAM building, the exhibition Donations made by Jorge de Brito opened in August 2003, curated by Helena de Freitas. As the title suggests, it showed works donated by Jorge de Brito, at the time one of the greatest private collectors in Portugal, from whom the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation acquired around 500 works in 1983, when the CAM opened its doors.


Carlos Botelho, 'Sé de Lisboa', 1938. Inv. 83P238
Carlos Botelho,'Alfama', 1933. Inv. 83P236


Among the works selected for this exhibition, all donated between 1982 and 1984, are some of the most significant in the collection, including the two paintings by Almada Negreiros commissioned for the decoration of the famous ‘A Brasileira’ café, in Chiado. Also on display were five works by Carlos Botelho and two big-scale cartoons for tapestry by Maria Helena Vieira da Silva.

This small-scale presentation was part of the rotating cycle of exhibitions at the CAM and was shown in the hall of the building, where it welcomed visitors for around five months, until January 2004. The exhibition included almost all the works donated by the collector.


Tapestry cartoons by Maria Helena Vieira da Silva. View of the exhibition 'Doações de Jorge de Brito'. CAM, 2003. Photo: Gulbenkian Archives


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