Architectural Models of the Álvaro Siza Archive

The Art Library and Gulbenkian Archives has in its holdings documentation related to 38 architectural projects by the architect Álvaro Siza.


Drawings, written pieces, photographs, administrative documentation and 54 models. This documentation has been subject to an inventory, digital reproduction and preservation actions.

The 54 architectural models are non-final models, working tools mainly made of simple materials such as card, cardboard, coated polyurethane foam and polystyrene. They were in poor condition, with dust, adhesive stains, structural damage and physical deformation.

A conservation plan was developed with the purpose of cleaning all the models, restore their structural integrity and ensure its safe packaging.

Special collections conservation

The preservation of the Art Library and Gulbenkian Archives collection presents a daily challenge that results into the development of several conservation and restoration actions.

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