Quality Policy

Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety and Social Accountability

This Policy establishes guidelines for the work of the Art Library and has been drafted on the basis of the Quality Policy of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. It should accordingly be taken as a complementary document to be followed by all employees involved in this work.

The Foundation wishes the Art Library to serve as a vehicle for promotion, research and dissemination of information in architecture and the visual arts, by making its collection available to specialised external users and by supporting internal units in the Foundation’s work and activities.

Aware of the importance of this role, the Foundation has established the following strategic guidelines for the services to be provided by the Art Library:

  • Constant prospecting and careful and consistent selection of contents so as to offer up-to-date and comprehensive information resources;
  • Development of collections and services, in line with the needs of its different users and other stakeholders;
  • Provision of a coherent set of dissemination and access services, using systems and resources consistent with constant technological state-of-the-art;
  • Proactive promotion of information resources, especially those comprising heritage collections, through specific outreach services and projects which help make the most of the library unique potential and enrich the knowledge of its users.


In order to achieve the aims described above, the Foundation establishes the following principles of daily conduct:

  • Professional Pride All employees working in the Art Library shall have the necessary skills for their work and strive to perform their duties so as to meet the high standards of service required. They shall be attentive to the needs of their different users, in accordance with the principles of intellectual freedom, free access to information and freedom of expression. All employees must also recognise privacy rights in the use of services and resources and contribute proactively to identify and implement opportunities for improvement.
    All employees shall be aware that their attitude is important to the satisfaction of the different users and to the success of the Art Library.
  • Team Spirit
    The Art Library management shall cultivate team spirit amongst the employees, so that each member is actively involved in achieving the mission and aims of the group and in cooperating with other departments so as to contribute to the success of all activities.
  • Compliance with Requirements
    The Art Library shall assure that services are provided in a manner consistent with all the applicable requirements, including legal rules and regulations concerning storage, management and provision of information, together with any specific requirements conveyed by users or by other stakeholders, including those relating to citizens with special needs, in accordance with the internal procedures.
  • Occupational Health and Safety Promotion
    The Art Library management shall work in conjunction with all the organizational units involved in these issues on establishing procedures and implementing the actions needed for its employees and users to enjoy optimum conditions for the preservation of their occupational health and safety.
    All employees are required to comply with the current procedures.
  • Environmental Protection
    The Art Library shall implement procedures and actions which help reduce the wasting of resources, in particular in the use of paper and specific products for the conservation and preservation of documentary resources, and which help to prevent pollution resulting from these uses in order to protect the environment.
    The materials to be used shall be chosen when possible on the basis of environmental criteria and materials shall be reused.
    All employees and other stakeholders involved are required to comply with the applicable good practice in environmental management and to assure that waste from their work is properly separated and disposed of.
  • Public Satisfaction
    The Art Library shall implement procedures and actions that contribute to the satisfaction of its different users, in particular with regard to the range of information offered and forms of access. In order to identify potential opportunities for improvement, arrangements shall be put in place for pro-actively and systematically listening to users and collecting their opinions, allowing for analysis of these findings.
  • Continuous Improvement
    The management of the Art Library shall systematically plan actions and set goals which contribute to continuous improvement in the effectiveness and efficiency of the applicable quality management system, both from an internal perspective and from that of its different users and other stakeholders, in order to assure that the guidelines contained in this Quality Policy are successfully implemented.
Updated on 07 June 2018