Prizes for Teaching in Armenian Online

49 Awards are Granted by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation
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The Armenian Communities Department launched “Prizes for Teaching in Armenian Online” in April 2020. The aim of this initiative was to encourage diasporan teachers who use Armenian as a medium of instruction in their efforts during the sudden shift to online teaching platforms caused by the forced lockdown due to the Covid-19 virus.

Teachers were asked to send samples of their materials, examples of their interactions with their students, and an explanation of how their lessons were implemented on the online platforms they were using. 

The programme was open for six weeks, and entries were evaluated biweekly by a committee of seven people within the Foundation. The following criteria were used in the selection process:

  • Innovative use of online mechanisms and originality of idea.
  • Adaptation of teaching methodology and teaching approaches.
  • Student involvement/interactivity (the “fun factor”).
  • Quality of execution and use of the Armenian language.
  • Potential of use by others.

106 applications were received from 13 countries, from teachers who worked in daily and weekly Armenian schools. The majority of the applicants were language teachers, but the prize was not restricted to them. Teachers of history, religion, math, science, art, and even physical education also participated. The average age of applicants was 44.

In order to be as supportive as possible, and in recognition of the excellent work many of the teachers are doing, the Foundation increased the number of prizes granted from 30 to 49. As such, 46 % of applicants were successful, each receiving a USD 500 financial award.

“Regrettably we could not support all the applicants,” said Razmik Panossian, the Director of the Armenian Communities Department, “we do, however, want to acknowledge and applaud the efforts of all the participants, as well as the ongoing efforts of Armenian teachers around the world during these difficult days of the coronavirus pandemic.”

The announcement and conditions of the Prize can be found here.


The 49 awardees of the “Prizes for Teaching in Armenian Online” are:

1.    Abraham Abrahamian

23.   Liza Jiguerian Manoyan

2.    Adrine Malhasian

24.   Lucy Deukmejian

3.    Alik Arzoumanian

25.   Manoushag Alexanian

4.    Alina Hadjian

26.   Belén Istephanian   

Alicia Nerguizian (group application)

27.   Marina Danoyan

5.    Annie Maljian Geokgeuzian

28.   Maro Aintabian

6.    Annie Tchaparian Moskofian

29.   Natali Bagdat Kocabay

7.    Anahit Hovhannisyan 

30.   Natalí Kevorkian

8.    Ani Karasaban

31.   Nayiri (Nanor) Panossian Bedrossian 

9.    Annie Bilalian

32.   Nora Sarafian Tachjian

10.  Ardemis Mgrdichian

33.   Pauline Nazarian Merdkhanian

11.  Betty Berberian

34.   Sandra Hamamjian

12.  Dzovinar Gumushian Boyadjian

35.   Sevan Boghos Deirbadrossian

13.  Gayane Erzrumyan

36.   Shogher Ashekian

14.  George Arabatlian

37.   Sonia Baghdassarian

15.  Gohar Safaryan

38.   Sossie Karoghlanian Chilingirian

Karina Silvia Balian (group application)

39.   Sosy Garjikian

16.  Hayganoush Minassian

40.   Sousy Bairamian

Ani Apikian

41.   Taline Ashekian 

Araksya Mikayelyan

42.   Taline Jerjerian Berejiklian

Anush Fendyan (group application)

43.   Tamar Hagopian Yalmanian

17.  Hera Iskenderoglu

44.   Tamar Mangasar

18.  Hribsime Nalbandian

45.   Tamar Tchaparian Kechichian 

19.  Karin Akal

46.   Tsoline Elmayan

20.  Kohar Mandjian

47.   Vahan Saghdejian

21.  Lena Kouyoumdjian Araboghlian

48.   Vartoug Rose Fernezlian

22.  Lerna Karakutuk

49.   Viviana Basmadjian

Our congratulations to all of them!


Consult the Announcement in Armenian
Updated on 08 july 2020

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