How to assess the impact of public policies on current and future generations ?

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The Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and the School of International Futures have spent two years developing an innovative methodology that helps policymakers, media, think-tanks and civil society assessing the impact of public policies on present and future generations, promoting an informed discussion about difficult decisions and making the long-term political choices clearer.

Fairness between generations has also gained increasing prominence at an international level, with several countries and organisations addressing and highlighting the urgency of this topic. The OECD reportGovernance for Youth, Trust and Intergenerational Justice: Fit for all Generations?analyses the laws, policies, institutions and governance tools put in place by its 38 member countries to promote intergenerational justice in policymaking.

This roundtable will promote a discussion on how to assess the impact of public policies in different generations, based on the work developed by the Gulbenkian Foundation, SOIF and OECD.


3:30-3:35 pm   Welcome
                            Nuno Vassallo e Silva, Director of the Gulbenkian Delegation in France

3:35-3:50 pm   Gulbenkian Intergenerational Initiative
                            Luís Lobo Xavier, Planning and Strategy Director at Gulbenkian Foundation

3:50-4:30 pm   Framework for Intergenerational Fairness
                          Darja Vrščaj, SOIF – School of International Futures

4:30-4:40 pm   Delivering fair policy outcomes for all generations
                           Moritz Ader, OECD

4:40-5:00 pm   Q&A

5:00-5:30 pm  Cocktail


Access: Free, with registration

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