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Rising Stars

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As a member of the ECHO – European Concert Hall Organisation network, which consists of a group of prestigious concert halls across Europe, the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation is opening its venue and hosting the Rising Stars cycle. Throughout the musically intense day, in which admission is free, attention will be on the Rising Stars of musical interpretation and creation, to provide the public with the chance to witness the live performances of these future stars. Once again, the programme concentrates on a range of events, with performances by musicians of outstanding talent.


Lucie Horsch Recorder
Thomas Dunford Lute

Dario Castello
Sonata seconda

John Dowland
Flow my tears

François Couperin
Le Rossignol en Amour

Johann Sebastian Bach
Suite in C minor, BWV 997 (arr. de L. Horsch: Preludio – Sarabande – Gigue – Double)

Lotta Wennäkoski
Arteria *

Francesca Caccini
Chi desia di saper che cos’è amore

Claude Debussy

Anne Danican Philidor
Sonata in D minor (Lentement – Fugue – Courante – Les notes égales et détachez – Fugue)

Marin Marais
Couplets de Folies (arr. de L. Horsch)


* Commissioned by Concertgebouw Amsterdam e Kölner Philharmonie and ECHO

Lucie Horsch is nominated as an ECHO Rising Star by Het Concertgebouw Amsterdam and the Kölner Philharmonie                                          

Mecenas Principal Gulbenkian Música


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