• France, ca.1898-1900
  • Gold, enamel, opals, diamonds 
  • Inv. 1134
  • René Lalique

Peacock pectoral

René Lalique

Of all the animals reproduced in the work of Lalique, the peacock is perhaps regarded as the most emblematic of the spirit of Art Nouveau, and it is a recurring theme in the artist’s work, whether isolated as here or in pairs in other jewels.

The theme is again very representative of Symbolist painting, as a symbol par excellence of natural beauty in all its splendour.

This pectoral is made up of an enormous, articulated peacock in enamelled gold in tones of blue and green simulating the feathers of the bird which have small cabochon-oval opals set here and there. Sinuous movement of the feathers in the tail, turned to the left, is enriched by a balanced composition of diamonds, of various sizes, that finish off the piece on both sides.


Acquired by Calouste Gulbenkian from René Lalique, May 11th, 1900.

H. 9.2 cm; W. 19 cm 

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