«Third Floor» by Luciana Fina

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“Na kal lingu ke n na skirbi ña diklarasons di amor?” (Odete Semedo). Which language shall we use to tell the stories we have been told? In which language shall we write a declaration of love?

“Lisbon, Bairro das Colónias, third floor. Conveying and translating an insightful encounter of different worlds, Fatumata and Aissato discuss love and the creation of happiness. Their feelings have been determined by narratives and languages acquired at different stages of life and in different places. At 7pm, from the third to the fifth floor, where I live, a regular sound, always the same, like the beating of a heart, reverberates through the building.”(Luciana Fina)

“A building in Bairro das Colónias in Lisbon, a mother and daughter, the aerial roots of a tropical plant that, from the upper floor, traverse the building’s stairwell. The roots are the vertical mesh that, combined with the horizontality of Luciana Fina’s two screens, weaves a rich narrative that speaks of generations, cultures, languages, relationships and feelings. Fatumata and Aissato are the mother and eldest daughter of a large family from Guinea-Bissau. Fatumata and Aissato talk, converse; the daughter translates her mother’s language and, as she translates, she interprets tales of love and happiness. Roots from the fifth floor where Luciana lives tumble down to Fatumata and Aissato on the third floor, they invade the exhibition space and spread out like rhizomes, discovering correspondences and connections that permeate the whole festival.” (Davide Oberto)

Curators: Cintia Gil and Davide Oberto


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