‘CAM in Motion’ shipping container donated to the Kriativu association

One of the containers used in the ‘CAM in Motion’ programme has been donated to the Kriativu association, and will now allow for projects to be developed in a new facility for the communities of Marvila.
16 jan 2024

Marvila will have a new space in which to develop projects open to resident communities. One of the shipping containers that, from 2021, were installed around the city of Lisbon for the outdoor programme ‘CAM in Motion’, has been donated to the Kriativu association, an organization dedicated to community development and creativity that acts in various fields – urban art, music, video, photography and mobility.

There are several ideas for how to use it, as Nuno Varela, the founder of the association, explains: ‘The first idea was for the container to be used as a collection and drop-off point for bicycles for the community to use around the park and neighbourhood.’ Another possibility is to use the space for temporary projects throughout the year: ‘an art gallery for 3 months or a recording studio for another 3 months,’ he suggests, by way of example.

CAM and Kriativu have joined forces before, collaborating on projects such as ‘4 OLHOS / 4 ODJU‘, in 2022, and ‘Side Trip’, in 2023. Nuno Varela explains how these projects contributed to the development of the association, as well as other local organisations and the local communities: for the organisations ‘because they learned and applied new ways of working and new approaches’ and for the communities ‘who had direct access to culture for free and gained knowledge through participation, doing things they had never thought of doing.’

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