CAM in Motion: 4 OLHOS / 4 ODJU

A participatory project by António-Pedro and a group of residents from the neighbourhoods of Chelas

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In collaboration with a group of residents from the neighbourhoods of Chelas, artist António-Pedro presents a video and sound installation in a shipping container located in Bela Vista Park.

“In a shipping container prepared and positioned in the United States of Chelas, a meeting of lives and gazes occurs: of those from outside with those from inside, of those from Zona J with those from Zona M, of those who are black with those who aren’t, of those who want to leave with those who want to stay. Secret codes, megalomaniac dreams, shared memories, various struggles. Steep paths between the solitude of the individual and the warmth of this community of communities.” – António-Pedro

The artist António-Pedro was invited to create a participatory art project for the CAM in Motion programme. The new project devised for a shipping container placed in the park of Bela Vista Sul, in Lisbon, was designed by the artist and a group of residents from the neighbourhoods of Chelas: Beatriz Lopes, Carlos Rosa, Érica Pinto, G Fema, Jimit Parbote, José Carlos Sampaio, Lucas Araújo, Luís Mateia, Marta Macedo, Nelson David Rosário, Ricardo Teixeira, Sérgio Pereira, Tatiana Sousa, Wilson Lopes, Yannick Landu.

4 OLHOS’ (4 EYES), or in Cape-Verdean creole ‘4 ODJU’, as the project is named, can be experienced on two levels: inside the container, where a multimedia, sound and video, installation is exhibited, inspired by a project that aims to bring these neighbourhoods closer to contemporary art; and outside, with the container displaying an urban art mural made by the group.

The installation can be viewed from outside the container through small holes, which resemble the earliest devices used to enjoy films. With this project, the aim is to ‘let the eyes of those who don’t go to  CAM meet the eyes of those who don’t go to the Hood.’

The preparations for ‘4 OLHOS’ began in April, in Casa dos Direitos Sociais (Social Rights Centre), and took around three months, with the collaboration of Nuno Varela, and the associations Chelas é o Sítio, Rimas ao Minuto and Estúdio Kriativu.

This project, promoted by CAM in collaboration with the PARTIS initiative of the Gulbenkian Sustainable Development Programme, is carried out in partnership with Companhia Caótica (co-producer), along with associations Chelas é o Sítio, Rimas ao Minuto and Estúdio Kriativu, Lisbon City Council and HCI Construções.


Participatory project by António-Pedro, Beatriz Paulino Lopes, G Fema, Jimit Parbote, José Sampaio, Ricardo Cardoso Teixeira, Sérgio Pereira, Tatiana Sousa, Wilson Lopes
With the participation of Beatriz Paulino Lopes, Bruce G, Daniel Winkler, Delfina Paulino, Eduarda Pinto, Elisa Paulino, G Fema, Jimit Parbote, Joaquim Silveira, Joice Alexandra, José Sampaio, Judite Gamelo, Lena Santos, Manuel Paulino, Maria Ferreira, Matilde Correia, Melvin, Nara Miranda, Nicole Freire, Paulo Rocha, Ricardo Cardoso Teixeira, Selma Teles, Sinai Teles, Tatiana Sousa, Vânia Gamelo, Yannick Landu
With the special collaboration of Nuno Varela, Flowgun, Arsénio Quindombe, Nara Miranda, Paulo Rocha e moradores dos bairros de Chelas
Artistic coordination António-Pedro
Urban art mural coordination Wilson Lopes
Urban art mural painting Gil Morais, Nelson Lima e Wilson Lopes
Director of production Manuela Tavares
Executive producer and coordination assistant Francisco Canhoto
Production and local mediation Nuno Varela
Director of Photography Luisa Mello e António-Pedro
Editing António-Pedro
‘4 Olhos’ music theme performed by G Fema featuring Flowgun e Jaelyn
‘4 Olhos’ music theme lyrics by G Fema, António-Pedro, Flowgun e Jaelyn
Backing vocals, tchabeta, strings and percussion António-Pedro
‘4 Olhos’ music theme production Flowgun
Shot by Flowgun e Moz Carrapa
Extra camera Duarte Afonso dos Santos
Editing assistant Sérgio Pereira
Set photography Arsénio Quindombe
Production assistant Catarina Carvalho
Communication assistant Mariana Mateus
Supporters Casa dos Direitos Sociais, Biblioteca de Marvila
Acknowledgements A toda a comunidade de Chelas, Abdul Baldé, Airton Monteiro, António Brito Guterres, Carlos Rosa, Cláudia Matos, Diogo Gonçalves, Érica Pinto, Fodé Camará, Hugo Lopes, Igor Landim, Jorge Pina, José Lobo Antunes, Lucas Araújo, Luís Mateia, Mamadu Baldé, Marta Macedo, Nelson Semedo, Raquel Matos, Tomás Rego, Yannick Landu, Grupo Comunitário da Flamenga – ComUN1DAde, Fundação EDP – MAAT, Culturgest – Fundação CGD.


A musician, filmmaker, multidisciplinary artist, António-Pedro is artistic co-director of Companhia Caótica, where he combines music, cinema and performing arts. He is interested in biography in a broader political sense: how does a life – his own or that of others – universalise and interrogate the future of societies?

Sopa nuvem (Cloud Soup, winner of the Best Show prize at MOMIX 2014), Filmes Pedidos (Requested Films), Crevescer and My Macau are just some of his multidisciplinary creations. He made O homem da bicicleta – Diário de Macau (The Man on the Bicycle – Macau Diary), Carta Branca (White Letter) and Nzila Ngola, as well as other films, video clips and installations that were shown and have won prizes in museums and at national and international film festivals. He is currently putting the finishing touches to the feature film Mississipis.

He has composed music for films by Ivo M. Ferreira, Leonor Noivo and Margarida Leitão, and for theatre shows by Filipa Francisco, Vera Mantero, Ainhoa Vidal, Cie Sac a Dos (BE), Turak (FR) and for Teatro Meridional.

He presents himself regularly  in Portugal and has taken his work to France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Brazil, Serbia, Ireland, Wales, Macau, Angola and Mozambique.

He has a degree in sociology and studied cinema at NOVA University Lisbon and music at Hot Clube de Portugal and the Drummers Collective, in New York.

Companhia Caótica, established in 2009 by the director-author Caroline Bergeron and musician-filmmaker António-Pedro, is a multidisciplinary company that creates shows, training, films and other artistic experiences for children, young people, families and adults.

Creators of a world as recognisable as it is unpredictable – where humour is interwoven with poetry and fiction with reality – António-Pedro and Caroline Bergeron often set off from their own lives and move towards the lives of the spectators, creating artistic objects that are vehicles for genuine sharing.

Since it began, the company has produced 22 multidisciplinary shows, combining music, documentary, animated film, puppets, theatre, sound art, gastronomy, poetry, science, installation, performance and digital art, and 15 visual objects, including documentaries, shorts, video clips and video installations, shown and award-winning at national and international festivals.

The company’s artistic singularity is recognised in its continued collaboration with various organisations – CCB/Fábrica das Artes, Culturgest, the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Artemrede, LU.CA., Teatro Municipal do Porto/Paralelo – and, at an international level, in its extensive European tours – France, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium – and presentations further afield, in places such as China, Angola or Brazil.

The MOMIX 2014 Best Show prize for Sopa Nuvem and the company’s international co-productions, as well as its presentations in prestigious venues – Théâtre de la Ville, Paris and Théâtre Am Stram Gram, Geneva – at national and international festivals and events specialising in creations for children, also play a part in this recognition.

Companhia Caótica received the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation’s Internationalisation Grant, is supported by Lisbon City Council and since 2015 has been receiving Biennial Support from the General-Directorate for the Arts in Disciplinary Crossovers.

Created in May 2021, Chelas é o Sítio (Chelas is the Place) is a not-for-profit organisation, which brings together residents of the Chelas neighbourhood with the aim of enhancing one of the largest areas of Lisbon by making the most of its existing potential.

It is a collective made by all and for all: not just those who live there, but also those who visit, improving this area even further, with the aim of maturing in harmony with the city of Lisbon. And because one of its missions is to create even more unity, based on the joint work of the parish as a whole, Chelas é o Sítio does not focus solely on Chelas. The association is composed of residents and those born in the neighbourhood who want to add more value, more unity and more inclusion to the parish.

The rapper Sam The Kid has played an active role in this area for some years, so it was only natural that he would end up directing the collective, having been the driving force behind setting out its goals and mission, along with all those who have helped make this project possible, particularly Nuno Varela, Adriano Finuras, Ricardo Gomes and Zé Silva. A significant aspect of the collective’s sphere of activity is intervention in the public space, more green spaces, more urban facilities, including sports facilities, more education and science in schools and through workshops, and more culture and sustainability.



CAM in Motion is an ‘outdoor’ programme that brings together a series of site-specific interventions by artists and exhibitions with works from the Collection in different spaces in the city of Lisbon and its surroundings.

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