Centenary of the artist Salette Tavares

The year 2022 marks the centenary of the birth of Salette Tavares (1922-1994), a renowned figure in the avant-garde art and culture scene in 20th-century Portugal.
View of the exhibition 'Salette Tavares. Poesia Espacial', CAM, 2014-2015. Foto: Paulo Costa

Salette Tavares was a Portuguese artist who began to make her name in experimental poetry during the 1960s, participating in the Cadernos de Poesia Experimental [Experimental Poetry Journals].

Knowledgeable and dedicated to continued theoretical reflection, from mass media to aesthetic studies, her work combined literary production and artistic practice, as well as extending to visual poetry and its spatialisation, through three-dimensional exploration, and to the production of playful objects, based on an everyday and, at times, domestic dimension that inevitably related art and life.



In 2014, the Centro de Arte Moderna devoted a first retrospective exhibition to her, connecting the two realms of her work and also undertaking the reconstruction of works that were either damaged or disappeared over time, as was the case with Dia Positivo [Positive Day], O Rato Roeu [The Mouse Bit] and Bailia [Lyric Poetry], which were part of the CAM collection, along with the pieces Porta das Maravilhas [Door of Wonders], Efes [F’s] and Aranha [Spider].


Salette Tavares, 'Dia positivo', 1979-2014. Inv. 15E1779
Salette Tavares, 'O Rato Roeu', 1979-2014. Inv. 15E1778


Salette Tavares was born on 31 March 1922. On the day of her 100th anniversary, the publisher and bookseller Tigre de Papel is marking the event with a celebration of her writing at 100 anos de Salette Tavares: tiramos os sapatos e irramos, lendo [100 years of Salette Tavares: take off your shoes and let’s go, reading] CTT will also issue a commemorative stamp for the centenary, part of the Figures of Portuguese Culture stamp issue.


Salette Tavares, 1970. Courtesy of Salette Brandão
Salette Tavares, 1982. Courtesy of Salette Brandão


On 21 and 22 June, the Universidade Fernando Pessoa will participate in the programme Reencontrar Salette Tavares. Cem Anos Agora: Educar, Brincar, Comunicar (Re-finding Salette Tavares. One Hundred Years Now: Educating, Playing, Communicating), with the organisation of the colloquium Salette Tavares, ‘vocação de ser itinerante’ [Salette Tavares, ‘vocation to travel’] to discuss the multiple intersections and dialogues in the artist’s work.

Commemorative stamp of the centenary of Salette Tavares
Updated on 01 april 2022

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