CAM in Motion: Lida Abdul

White Horse, 2006

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Gulbenkian Garden
Jardim Gulbenkian
In the Garden of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, a cycle of videos from the CAM Collection will be presented in a shipping container.

Lida Abdul’s film White Horse depicts an elderly Afghan man painting his black horse white with a brush. Asked why, he explains that it is a remedy to stop a disease from spreading through the horse’s body, but also states that tourists like white and that “it is good for business”. This film can be seen as an allegory of war in the Middle East, with the act of painting a horse white revealing an intent of purity and renewal that helps overcome the pain of war. The beautiful landscapes also serve to contrast with the psychological desolation and unexpectedness of the situation involving this man in Afghanistan.


15 Oct – 01 Nov 2021

João Onofre, Untitled (N’en Finit Plus), 2010-2011

04 Nov – 22 Nov 2021

Lida Abdul, White Horse, 2006

25 Nov – 13 Dec 2021

Pedro Barateiro, The Current Situation, 2015

16 Dec 2021 – 10 Jan 2022

Fernando José Pereira, The man who wanted to collect Time, 2012


This cycle of videos from the Collection explores concepts related to solitude, war and other social and political issues, and is presented over a backdrop of various landscapes and natural settings.

Curators: Patrícia Rosas and Rita Albergaria


CAM in Motion is an ‘outdoor’ programme that brings together a series of site-specific interventions by artists and exhibitions with works from the Collection in different spaces in the city of Lisbon and its surroundings.

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