Pedro Calapez in the Art Library collection

Learn the story of the production of two artist's books by Pedro Calapez, told by him in his studio.
21 Dec 2022 7 min
Artist’s books

The artist’s books have appeared in the artistic career of Pedro Calapez in an unexpected way, and their conception is not a habitual part of the artist’s creative process. 

The two books he presents in his studio were produced about 10 years apart, with different aesthetic approaches of the artist to the book, as a conceptual support for creation.


Nathan e Saladino / Pedro Calapez, 2019
Nathan e Saladino / Pedro Calapez, 2019
Nathan e Saladino / Pedro Calapez, 2019


The book Prova de máquina is born without the intervention of the artist and results from a printing failure of Abstract, 2004-2008, which Pedro Calapez was preparing at the time.

Abstract, 2004-2008 / Pedro Calapez, 2008

Prova de máquina / Pedro Calapez, [2009]


In addition to artist’s books by Pedro Calapez, the library’s collection includes works in which the artist collaborated. The two Pipxou art boxes are two such works.

Pipxou : número único a) Inverno 85 / Tiplo V, 1985

Pipxou : número único b) Verão 87 / Tiplo V, 1987


The edition of Umbigo, which involved 38 artists, is another of Pedro Calapez’s participations in collective artist’s books.

Umbigo : 18 anos, 18 projetos (38 Artistas) : 2002-2020

Transparencias / Pedro Calapez, D.L. 2005


Artist’s books

Not really a book, not really a work of art. Portuguese artists of various generations present these varied and unexpected objects, which are part of the Art Library collection.

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