Glossy Abelia © Paula Côrte-Real

Glossy Abelia

Abelia x grandiflora

Family and description

Belonging to the Caprifoliaceae family, Abelia x grandiflora is a deciduous or evergreen shrub that can reach 2 to 3 m in height. It develops a rounded shape, very branched, with branches slightly arched.

The leaves are ovate, short-petiolate, with acuminate apex, rounded base and slightly serrated margin, glossy on the upper surface and pale on the lower surface, about 1.5 to 3.5 cm long. In winter they acquire a more reddish tone.

The white to pink flowers appear in early summer and remain for a long period of time (from June to September). They are arranged in panicles, clusters composed of other smaller clusters, which are found at the end of the main branches. They are slightly aromatic, composed of a calyx of 2 to 5 partially united reddish sepals, topped by a tubular-campanulate corolla and 4 stamens.

The fruit is a small, ovoid and dry achene.

Origin and habitat

Glossy Abelia is of horticultural origin, resulting from a cross between Abelia chinensis and Abelia uniflora, both originating in Asia. It tolerates dryness and frost and should be exposed to the sun. It has no preference as to the soil type.

Uses and curiosities

Ornamental species, tolerant to pruning that can be found in the composition of hedges, trimmed or not, and conducted as a climber.

It is propagated by cuttings.

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