• Platex
  • Oil
  • Inv. 81P730

Fernando de Azevedo


In Entrevelas, the figurative structure becomes dominant, approaching an almost cubist mode of analysis and surface outlines. Entropy is perfectly controlled here, with strict contours, in spite of the fractionation and an ambiguous or apparent dissolution of the whole, through similarity and contiguity.


Some memories of Almada Negreiros’ neorealist motifs or the artist’s intervention in Lisbon’s maritime stations run through this piece, which is unique in Fernando de Azevedo’s body of work due to the aesthetic choices employed, which can still be situated on the margins of this heritage.


The scale of the caravel underlines the overwhelming symbolic force of the maritime element to which it refers, with its implied link to an entire history of discovery and conquests. The horizon line of beach, hill and sky, perceptible in the background, sets the vessel in a realistic space which is now transformed into a Chimera-like geography. The multiplication of sails, building to a crescendo of elevation and complexity, is the analogy of a desire for an intensely full pictorial search, assuming free experimentation and varied references – symbolism and surrealism, figures and strength of form.



Leonor Nazaré

March 2013

O Imaginário da Cidade de Lisboa
10 de Outubro de 1985
Lisboa,Centro de Arte Moderna, Sala de Exposições Temporárias
61 obras de vários artistas.
Fernando de Azevedo
Museu de José Malhoa
Curator: Américo da Silva Amarelhe (1892-1946)
14 de Maio de 2004 a 4 de Julho de 2004
Museu de José Malhoa
Exposição de homenagem a Fernando de Azevedo associada às comemoraçõe do 70º aniversário do Museu de José Malhoa.
Homenagem ao Pintor Fernando de Azevedo
XII Bienal de Arte de Vila Nova de Cerveira
Curator: Américo Silva
Novembro de 2003 a Dezembro de 2003
Museu de Pontevedra
Junho de 2003 a Julho de 2003
Bienal de Cerveira
2004 a 2004
Sociedade Nacional de Belas Artes
Exposição no âmbito da XII Bienal de Arte de Vila Nova de Cerveira.
Updated on 23 january 2015

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