End of the project «4 OLHOS»

On 29 July, we celebrated the conclusion of the participatory project «4 OLHOS» with a party attended by the artist António-Pedro and residents of the Chelas neighbourhood. The project can be visited at Parque da Bela Vista until 4 September.
28 aug 2023

Through the participatory project 4 OLHOS (4 ODJU in Cape Verdean Creole), Parque da Bela Vista has been the stage for a crossing of glances, stories, conversations, places and paths from the Chelas neighbourhood since July 2022.

Housed in a shipping container installed at one of the park’s entrances, the project has two levels of use: a multimedia installation of five videos can be seen inside; an urban art mural created by the artist António-Pedro and a group of local residents can be seen outside. Visitors can access the videos through small holes in the container.

The aim of 4 OLHOS was to ‘let the eyes of those who don’t go to the CAM meet the eyes of those who don’t go to the Hood.’ Over the course of several months, the shipping container welcomed visitors to Parque da Bela Vista and was accompanied by various activities such as visits, talks and socialising.

On 29 July, the end of the project was celebrated with a party that included an open-air screening of the installation’s videos. In addition to socialising and sharing stories and experiences, participants had the opportunity to savour a delicious cachupa stew prepared in collaboration with the residents to the sound of a local DJ. The container remains available for viewing until 4 September.

This project is part of the CAM in Motion programme, the aim of which is to leave the walls of the Foundation and extend its sphere of action into the metropolitan area of Lisbon, creating links with audiences outside the places where artworks are usually found. The programme includes various other projects in the run up to the opening of the building, in May 2024: find out about other projects on our website.


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